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Custom Made Bedroom Furniture in Melksham and the Wiltshire areas.

Designed for you, Modern classic fitted Bedrooms

With fitted bedroom furniture, you can have gorgeous designer styling, you will get all the flexible storage you could ever need with our hinged door wardrobes, plus, they are surprisingly more affordable than you might think.

You will get stunning wardrobes built-in from floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall, this provides you with a versatile and flexible storage solution for your home.

Each door will be made to your required height and width and are all available in a wide range of styles, colours, and designs.

Why not visit our showroom or call to book your free design appointment with one of our designers to discuss your bedroom furniture in the relaxing comfort of your own home.

Preston & Co bedroom styles to choose from



Sliding Wardrobes

Fitted hinged door wardrobes with gorgeous designer styling, hinged doors with sloping ceilings

Awkward angles in loft spaces or bedrooms in the eaves? Our custom-made furniture can be fitted to any size or shape of room, as it is truly bespoke furniture made in our local factory.

Call us for more information on our bespoke fitted bedrooms or to book an appointment on 01225 708976

Top Tips for becoming a morning person when working from home

During this time when a lot of us find ourselves working from home, we’re sharing our top tips for waking up early and starting your day in a positive way!

Are you someone who likes to hit the snooze button on a morning, or finds themselves saying ‘just five more minutes,’ more often than not?

Whether you always work from home, or you’re working from home in the current situation, we know it can make staying in bed on a morning seem so much more tempting. So, to help you feel productive during this strange time, we’re sharing our top tips for waking up early and embracing a morning person mentality…

1. Put your alarm out of arms reach

We’ve all done it- the alarm has gone off and we’ve reached absentmindedly for the snooze button. It may feel great to roll back over and get an extra ten minutes, but our bodies won’t thank us for it.

When we snooze, we’re not actually getting the restful REM sleep that our bodies need, so we’ll feel more sluggish in the long run. If you can’t resist the snooze temptation, move your alarm so you need to physically get out of bed to turn it off.

Once you’re up, your brain will be alert and you’re a lot less likely to crawl back into bed.

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2. Get your blood flowing

A great way to wake up your body and mind is to have an early morning exercise session, It doesn’t need to be anything too strenuous- just something to get the blood pumping and to kick-start your nervous system.

It will help you to feel more alert instantly, a feeling that will continue for hours after you’ve finished!

Stuck for exercise ideas to do in the house? try searching 15 minute workouts on YouTube for a wide range of videos to get you started!

3. Let in the natural light

Nothing tells your body it’s time to wake up like a dose of natural light.

As soon as you’ve woken up, throw open the curtains, or move to a room where you there is great natural lighting to let your body know that it’s morning, and that means time to be alert!

To keep this feeling going throughout the day, make sure you get a healthy dose of Vitamin D, either by going outside to get some fresh air or by sitting by a window that exposes you to natural light.

4. Give yourself something to be excited about

Dedicating 15 minutes to yourself on a morning, whether it’s time to read, to meditate, to pamper yourself, or to enjoy your favorite breakfast food, will give you something to look forward to and an extra reason to get out of bed early.

If you always feel like your mornings are rushed, or you hate your usual routine, it’s no wonder that your body and mind don’t want to rise and shine.

Set your alarm 15 minutes early but tell yourself it’s for a positive reason and you’ll begin to feel the difference when it’s time to get up!

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